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OCC Waste Papers can be availed from us, which can be further recycled for Kraft Paper. These Kraft papers are used for manufacturing corrugated boxes, cards and paper sheets. Our waste paper is provided to the customers in required quantity whenever demanded. For storing these paper scraps, we have built a voluminous

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Consists of various kinds of cardboard, cartons, cardboard trimmings, or fruits pack cartons.

It is the most widely used paper pack containers, also the most common waste paper item in recycling industry.

Prohibitive Materials: not exceed 1%

Outthrows plus prohibitives: not exceed 5%

Moisture content: not exceed 12% (all papers must be packed air dry and indoor warehouse)

We have established close relationships with family households, vendors, suppliers, mills and have built a collaborative network of partners locally.  All the waste papers are sorted and classified according to their grade and quality, baled and stored in the warehouse for later shipment.  We can supply various grades of waste paper to paper mills with good quality & service & just-in- time.

We are always open to new business opportunities and are always interested in receiving new offers from suppliers of waste papers.  We are always in the market to facilitate paper mills to source the raw materials they want.  We are looking for long term buyers for all Waste Paper grades!


Old Corrugated Containers have longer fibers, therefore have higher bursting strength.  Also Old Corrugated Containers can go through printings several times, easy to reprocess as other products.

The surface is made of sulfate wood pulp, the middle layer can be made of kraft or recycled paper depends on customer’s needs.

Usually use bursting strength to distinguish several grades.


Collected from households, vendors, factories, supermarkets or other businesses.


Recovered old corrugated containers/cartons


Pack in bales, weight 20-23MT per 40HQ container


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