Dry Norway stockfish

Stockfish for sale in different types and sizes, including dried fish heads
Salted fish
Dried fish
Frozen mackerel
Smoked herring
Smoked salmon
Fresh white fish (cod, haddock, ling, saithe, redfish, anglerfish etc)
Frozen white fillets as well as roe from cod and ling (both light salted and frozen)

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Norwegian Stockfish is world famous for its great quality and high grade. Good quality stockfish demands correct weather and temperature. In Lofoten these conditions occur at the same time as the winter cod arrives the spawning grounds. Traditionally the drying period in Lofoten is from early March to the middle of April. In other parts of Norway the periods may be a little later in the spring.

The stockfish is hung on flat lofts or drying racks. Flat loft are more space demanding, while drying racks exploit the height. There is no documentation or research as to which method is better.

Stockfish is harvested by hand in spring. The harvesting of stockfish in Lofoten normally takes place from the middle of June, while in other parts of the country the stockfish is harvested as soon as it is dry. The degree of dehydration is based on a subjective evaluation, in which various methods are employed. The stockfish is stacked and arranged so that air can circlate freely around the individual stockfish. The largest stockfish, which require the longest drying period are placed at the top and exterior of the stacks to ensure that secondary drying is as rapid as possible.


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